この概念のもと、 建材として使用されるモルタルを単なる材料や材質として捉えるのではなく、 重い・硬い・粗いなど、人の”感覚”を刺激する要素として捉え、その感覚を抽出し、モノへと再翻訳することを探求していくコレクションです。

2014年よりPULL+PUSH PRODUCTS.のコレクションとして展開しています。




"mortar" is a collection created by Japanese crafts brand PULL + PUSH PRODUCTS. Inspired by the idea that every item that comprises life can be replaced by sensations, this collection aims to re-translate feelings into items by not treating mortar simply as a heavy and hard material, but interpreting it as one of the elements that stimulate human tactility. Launched in 2014, the collection is designed and produced by Nobuhiro Sato.























designer profile:


Nobuhiro Sato


Sato Nobuhiro is a craft designer born in 1977.
He graduated from Kyoto Seika University's Architecture program.
After working at a manufacturer of carved ornaments and decorative designs, he established "PULL + PUSH PRODUCTS" in 2002.
He generates products through handiwork, with special attention to the material used and the stories they tell.













2-16 ,Uzumasagosyonouchi-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8157 Japan


Based in Uzumasa, Kyoto, PULL + PUSH PRODUCTS is a crafts brand, engaging with every process of product development directly, from planning original products to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Created out of concepts of material and story, our items place an importance on the sense of fun and the joy of texture experienced when using them. Expressing the delicacy and compassion that eludes the machine-made, PULL + PUSH presents products that convey the warmth of the designer.










Event/Trade fair:


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- EXTRA PREVIEW #11 _EXTRA TABLE Zone (2015.9.2-4)

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